General Revenue Corporation ruined my ego

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I keep getting calls from General Revenue Corporation saying that I still owe they money in the amount of 1174.00 dollars, claiming that I defaulted on student loans for American Intercontinental University.I NEVER WILLINGLY PARTICIPATED OR SIGNED UP for anything in regard to American Intercontinental University.

Sure I might have signed up and taken a couple of classes, but I do not feel that I should have to have paid this 1174.00 dollars to General Revenue Corporation. Now, they have ruined my credit, and now I cannot be able to sign up for any major credit cards or even purchase a car, which my family has been begging me to do for this year. They (General Revenue Corp.) force me against my will to take out two separate payments of 587.00 from my personal savings accounts in order to stop harassing me. I want my money back.


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If you don't actively withdraw from your classes with the school then you are still obligated to pay for them even if you do stop going.The lender loaned you the money for you to higher your education and that loan reserved your seat to attend those classes.

General Revenue didn't "ruin" you credit. You did. Your loan, your obligation. And you want "your" money back??

It wasn't "yours" to begin with. Its called a loan. Wouldn't you want your money back if you loaned it to someone?

Especially since you legally signed a Promissory Note.:zzz

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